Upload Guidelines for Valid PDF Notes

All users of PDFNotes are free to share their custom-made study notes to help other community members.

Make sure to follow the guidelines while uploading study notes:

  • It should cover at least one or more specific topics in detail.
  • The file format of your study notes should be in PDF.
  • It must be created by you, It can be handwritten or collective information from various books.
    If any copyrighted material was found your account will be suspended.
  • Name your PDF correctly before uploading it on PDFNotes.
  • PDF name must mention the Topic Clearly, i.e. “Art & Culture Static GK Notes”, or “Chemical Reactions and Equations Class 10 Notes”.

Having a clear & explainary name will results in better search appearance and higher downloads of your notes. Higher downloads means more Karma for you, which you can redeem for Amazon Gift Voucher or to purchase other valuable notes from the library.

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