Getting Started on PDFnotes

PDFnotes is a social marketplace of valuable study notes, where community members can share their work (study notes) with others to help them learn that concept easily.

In return, they will earn Karma Every time their PDF note file gets downloaded.

Karma is a reward system that rewards you for your valuable work towards the community.

How to Earn Karma?

There are multiple ways to get more Karma to your account, here are all the methods you can use to earn them.

Upload PDF Notes

Upload study notes made by you in PDF form and earns 1 Karma for each download.
Read PDF Upload Guidelines to know more about it.

Invite Your Friends

You can use the referral link given on Karma Page to invite your friends. On each signup using that link, you get rewarded with 1 Karma.

Submit Review

If you have downloaded any PDF Notes from the platform, you can write a review for it about its content. i.e. how easy it is to understand, etc., and for five reviews, you get rewarded with 1 Karma.

Uses of Karma

There are various benefits of having Karma, and you can use them in multiple ways. Following are its primary use cases of it:

  • Purchase any PDF Notes from the library using your Karma.
  • Redeem Karma to get Amazon Gift Voucher and shop anything you like. (Coming Soon)
  • Gain more followers in the community by featuring in the top Karma gainers list.

The Platform

The platform is equipped with various features which let users create different groups of circles based on the same education interests, users can start forum discussions on specific topics and get the answers from the community members.

Users can follow each other or any popular creator who regularly provides valuable notes, so that the users can get notified on any new uploads by them.

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